Data Sets

We wanted to make it easier for you to choose a data set that you’ll love, so we’ve provided a document for each data set called “Metadata.” Metadata is information about data. These documents contain background information about the scientist collecting the data, how the data was collected, why it was collected and other information to help you complete your Data Jam Report. We have grouped the data sets into middle and high school categories. Please select from the appropriate sets of data for your grade. Other data sets may be selected as well. However, if you choose a data set not listed below, please confirm with our Data Jam Director to ensure the data set you’ve selected is appropriate for the competition. Family Data Jammers are welcome to select from either the middle or high school category, or search for a data set of interest on your own or using the links at the bottom of this page.

Online Data Sources:

Long-Term Ecological Research Network Data –

Harbor Alert –

Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance –

Chesapeake Bay Program’s DataHub for Water Quality –

Maryland’s Surf Your Watershed –

Maryland iMAP:

Is Your Swimming Spot Dirtier Than a Toilet?