EDI 2020 Summer Fellowship Program

https://environmentaldatainitiative.org ENVIRONMENTAL DATA INITIATIVE Follow EDI on Twitter: @EDIdatapackages and @EDIgotDataEDI Office Hours: Wednesdays, 3-4PM ET  EDI Summer 2020 Fellowship Program EDI is excited to announce nine ecological data management training fellowships for the period 9 […]

Rebooting our Warming Cities

A Hopkins-led team says better climate modeling and data can help Baltimore weather a hotter, stormier future. Read the full article here.

Green stormwater projects less likely in Black neighborhoods

Green stormwater infrastructure has long been cast as a win-win in big cities. But a recent line of research suggests that underprivileged communities are far less likely to see it. […]

UMBC to co-lead new Baltimore Social-Environmental Collaborative with $2.3M grant

The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) is funding three Urban Integrated Field Laboratories including the new Baltimore Social-Environmental Collaborative (BSEC). According to the DoE, Urban Integrated Field Laboratories (Urban IFLs) […]

#BLTrees June: Equity and Access to Trees

Listen to The Brian Lehrer Show audio story featuring one of Baltimore Ecosystem Study’s founding researchers, Dr. Charles Nilon. He talks about his research and the intersection of trees and environmental […]

Higher Environmental Benefits To Be Had Where Homeowners Are Less Willing To Pay

“Although stream restoration filters pollutants out of local waterways and improves the health of the Chesapeake Bay, Baltimore area neighborhoods where it would do the most for water quality are […]

Broader Impacts of BES Research for Baltimore’s Parks & Golf Courses

A BES graduate student’s research led to the unveiling of a marker at a Black women’s golfing club that had helped to desegregate Baltimore’s parks and golf courses. From the […]

BES Founding Director Steward Pickett recognized with Frontiers Award

Cary Institute Distinguished Senior Scientist and BES Founding Director Steward T.A. Pickett with ecologists Lenore Fahrig and Simon Levin have been selected as recipients of the 14th BBVA Foundation Frontiers […]

Green Infrastructure & Equity – Discover Two New Tools + Virtual Events

Green infrastructure can help manage urban hazards, such as flooding, extreme heat, and toxic pollution while improving the availability and quality of urban green space. Across the US, cities have […]

The Benefits of the Urban Tree Canopy

Urban tree canopy provides many benefits such as cooling and air pollution mitigation. The extent to which individual trees contribute to these services depends on their species and size. However, […]

Building & Sustaining a PLC in a Virtual World

See what the BES LTER Education team has been up to in a new video – ‘Building and Sustaining a PLC in a Virtual World’. Learn how the BES LTER […]