Data Jam for Students

Welcome Baltimore Data Jam Student Competitor!

We’re in need of students like you to help us tell stories about the Baltimore socio-ecological system. Join the competition and be eligible for cash awards!

Below you will find step by step instructions for how to enter the Baltimore Data Jam Competition.

Step 1: Choose Your Team

Teams consists of one to three students. Decide if you want to work alone or with your peers. Talk to other students in your classes and let them know you are interested in participating in the competition. Find a friend or two who share your enthusiasm for science and creativity. Form your team and pick a project name.

Step 2: Register Through Your Teacher or other Advisor

You will need to select a teacher or other adult to advise your project. Your teacher must register to be eligible to compete. All registrations must include:

1) School Name

2) School District Name

2) Project Name

3) First and Last Names of all team members

4) Teacher name, email and phone number

Step 3: Return your signed parental consent forms

Make sure you return your signed parental consent form to your teacher or advisor as soon as possible. The form can be accessed at the bottom of this page.

Step 3: Select your Data Set

This is perhaps the most important step of your journey. Choose a data set that interests you and your teammates. Make sure to select a data set large enough to be meaningful but small enough that you can manage your analysis. Data sets range from stream chemistry, to rainfall, soil moisture, to temperature . . . the possibilities are endless. We have provided a list of data sets and links to online data resources. We strongly urge middle school students to select from the middle school data category and high school students to select from the high school data category. Click HERE to access data sets.

Step 4: Get to work

There are two parts to this competition:

1) A Written Report

2) A Creative Display

Review the document below titled Baltimore Data Jam Student Guide 2020 for more information about each of these components.

Step 5: Submit your Project

Work with your teacher to arrange electronic delivery of your written report and creative project.

Step 6: View the Announcement of Winners!

Arrange to view the announcement of the winning projects online. Winners will be announced on the Baltimore Data Jam Competition Website.

Click HERE to return to the Data Jam home page.

Baltimore Data Jam High School Student Guide

Baltimore Data Jam Middle School Student Guide

Baltimore Data Jam Parental Consent Form

Baltimore Data Jam High School Judging Rubric

Baltimore Data Jam Middle School Judging Rubric