Baltimore Family Data Jam

The Baltimore Ecosystem Study is not hosting Family Data Jam in 2021

During the 2020 Data Jam Competition, we included an option for families to participate in Data Jam together. Children of all ages were welcome to participate with an adult or adults in their household. Family Data Jam encouraged team work, learning about community, and engaging in creativity, all in the safety and comfort of own home. We hosted a series of webinars to assist families who wished to participate.  We also developed a modified Family Data Jam Competition Judging Rubric to help families better understand the requirements for their project. Just like the regular Data Jam, Family Data Jam participants were asked to select a Data Jam Data Sets or look for their own data set that addressed an ecological or socio-ecological issue in their community. 

Family Data Jam Competition Judging Rubric

Steps to Participate:

  1. Browse the Data Jam Data Sets or select an ecological or socio-ecological data set of your own. Data sets must be about the Greater Baltimore region (think Central Maryland).
  2. Register your team by May 20, 2020 using the registration link above.
  3. View one of the past Getting Started webinars
  4. Decide how you want to analyze your data. What story can your data tell?
  5. Create a graph and write a summary of the trend in your data.
  6. Get your creative juices flowing! Decide on a creative way to communicate the trend in your data. This could be a song, video, physical model, painting or drawing, poem, comic strip, or anything else your family wants to create. Make sure the creative piece directly addresses the trend in your data.
  7. Submit your graph, description of your data trend, and creative component online (submission details coming soon!).