Seeking Applicants to Join a Research Project Focused on Green Infrastructure

Our research team has four positions available: Three Postdocs and a Research Support Specialist(“RA”) for social-ecological assessment of green infrastructure.

Our interdisciplinary, social-ecological research team is pleased to announce the availability of four research positions to assist with a project entitled, “Environment, Health, and Poverty: is Green Infrastructure a Universal Good?”
We use green infrastructure to investigate the relationships between environment, health, and poverty in cities. Improved scientific knowledge is required to support better use of green infrastructure in light of the needs and constraints in underserved neighborhoods. To support this goal, the project identifies three objectives: 1) to document the biophysical environment and social context of existing and proposed green infrastructure projects in Baltimore, MD, where we have a long history of research and engagement, and which is home to significant underserved populations; 2) to understand how residents, particularly those in underserved neighborhoods, perceive and relate to existing and potential green infrastructure projects; and 3) to evaluate how sustainability plans in various cities conceive of green infrastructure and its relationship to social processes. Our research is intended to support a civic outcome of improved and more equitable use of green infrastructure.
A brief overview of the currently available positions and links to the formal, detailed advertisements with equal opportunity statements, are below.


Three Postdoctoral Associates Sought.

We will employ three postdoctoral associates, one for each of the three objectives:

  • Post Doc I: Postdoctoral Research Associate -Spatial Context of Green Infrastructure in an Urban Landscape (AJL ID# 833942), housed at UC Davis (;

  •  Post Doc II: Social Perceptions of Green Infrastructure in Baltimore Neighborhoods (; and

  • Post Doc III: Document Analysis of the Sustainability or Other Relevant Plans of Baltimore and 15 Additional Cities (  Post Docs II and III will be housed at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook NY.  All will occasionally travel to Baltimore as part of the project.


A Research Support Specialist:

We are currently seeking the first of several Research Support Specialists to assist with Objective III, and this person will be housed at either the Cary Institute in Millbrook, or The New School University in New York City ( 


Join our Team

The senior research team consists of Joshua Ginsberg, Steward Pickett, Emma Rosi, and Shannon LaDeau at the Cary Institute, Timon McPhearson at the Cary Institute and the New School University, Mary Cadenasso at the University of California Davis, Peter Groffman at the Advanced Science Research Center of the City University of New York, and Morgan Grove at the USDA Forest Service.
Posted by Steward Pickett