Diversity and Synthesis

Dear BES Community,
The April Quarterly meeting was a dynamic, interactive day. We were happy to see new faces from graduate students to visiting scientists and hear their voices in the discussion. The activities of the day offered those of us that have been involved in the project the opportunity to consider it from a different perspective and to challenge our own comfortable assumptions. We are anticipating an outcomes report with recommendations from the Diversity Committee by the end of June and a new draft of the Diversity Plan in a similar timeframe.
Next week’s topic for the June Quarterly research meeting is Synthesis. We will examine synthesis tools such as HERCULES and others, examples of BES synthesis past and present as well as examples from the Central Arizona-Phoenix (CAP) LTER study. We will introduce the new BES Synthesis Questions and provide a brief overview of each integrative focal question. This introduction will be followed by a participatory session where the entire group will brainstorm answers to the questions below for each of the three focal areas:
1. What is the current state of synthesis?
2. What are the immediate and 5-year synthesis goals?
3. What data are available or needed?
4. What modeling approaches are warranted?
The important work that takes place in these meetings supports our revisions to the Renewal Proposal and strengthens the project in all areas including collaboration and integration. If you do attend the Quarterly meetings – thank you. If you haven’t been to one lately or at all – please join us. Your point of view is important in our research community.
And please remember – include our handle (@BESlter) when you are tweeting about BES-related publications, field work, or other BES news.

Thank you,