Ecology and Policy

Many researchers and educators are concerned that the knowledge they generate can be used by society.  However, this takes active effort because policy makers and environmental managers are busy and don’t have the time to ferret out arcane scientific results.  Fortunately, there are experts in our academic communities who understand how best to shape messages and to engage decision leaders, whether they be in communities, in agencies, or in congress.  A new book published by the Ecological Society of America is available to help with the task of connecting with policy makers.  Here’s some further information garnered from their materials:

“ESA has published a new booklet, “An Ecologist’s Guidebook to Policy Engagement.” The guide provides advice and resources for engaging with decision makers at various levels of government. It also includes overviews of environmental laws, federal agencies, tips on effective communication, and information about policy awards and fellowships for young scientists. To order as an eBook or print copy, please go to ESA eStore.”

Long time readers of this web log will remember a post summarizing the BES Communicating Science training held earlier this year.  That meeting summarized some insights for dealing with the policy world: Communicating Science