The Baltimore Ecosystem Study will not be hosting a 2021 Data Jam Competition

Data Jam for Teachers/Mentors

For Teachers/Mentors interested in registering students for the competition, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Learn about the Competition

Review the teacher guide posted below for all the details you need to know to enter your students in the Baltimore Data Jam Competition. You may also view the Data Jam Webinar for more information on Data Literacy and the Competition. Data Jam Video – Click Here

Step 2: Get students excited!

Form student teams. Remind students that this is a competition and the winning teams receive prizes!

Step 3: Register your students

All registered students must submit a completed Consent Form. Student teams with incomplete Consent Forms will forfeit their projects. A blank Consent Form and Registration Form are below.

Step 4: Support Your Students!

Advise your student competitors as you see fit. But remember, this is a student competition and final products should reflect the work of your students. Support students by providing workshops on data interpretation, graph making, science writing and literacy. Hold after school work sessions and encourage student teams to get together outside of school hours. Partner with an art teacher in your school.

Baltimore Data Jam Teacher Guidebook 2020 v2
Baltimore Data Jam Competition Parental Consent Form 2020 v2
Baltimore Data Jam 2020 - registration form v2