Emma Rosi-Marshall Becomes Sole Director of BES

Dr. Emma Rosi-Marshall has been co-directing BES with me since 2013.  That year, BES was reviewed by a visiting committee, and the results of that event helped us to shape the renewal process that would culminate with a new proposal in 2016.  After that review, Emma began to take an increasing leadership role in planning for the renewal, and agreed to be the Lead Principal Investigator for BES in its fourth phase.  Consequently, earlier this year we arranged to share the title of Co-Director.  Emma’s taking of this mantel entailed a great deal of work and responsibility, and as the founding director of BES, I knew the project was in good hands as we transitioned to her sole leadership.  BES only works because of a dedicated community of researchers, educators, and community engagement professionals.  But Emma’s leadership into the future is equally crucial.  The energies and efforts of that marvelous community need to be organized, supported, and guided.  Emma has abundantly demonstrated her ability and enthusiasm to fill those roles for BES as it moves forward.
Now, as BES officially shifts from Phase III to Phase IV, it is time for me to step aside and let the spotlight shine fully on Dr. Rosi-Marshall.  Although technically the official transfer of responsibilities will be on 1 November, it is time to recognize de facto that Dr. Rosi-Marshall is now Director of the Baltimore Ecosystem Study. 
I will stay engaged as Director Emeritus, and will do whatever I can to smooth the transition to Phase IV.  I intend to continue to be productive in and for BES.  I urge all members of the BES community to support Dr. Rosi-Marshall, and to help make this transition as easy as possible.  Continuing the excellent work and improving the theoretical and integrative power of BES are tasks she is excited about, and well prepared for.
With thanks to the current and past members of BES for their support, and with enthusiasm for sharing the work ahead,