Background Reading for BES Response to the Mid-Term Review

An essay has been written to help outline the needs to be met and the theoretical structure that we must flesh out and fill in to enhance intellectual integration in BES, the improved use of theory, and clearer articulation of the significance and use of long-term data in our social-ecological system.

This essay will be useful background for the January meeting, and for subsequent meetings where the BES community will work together to make improvements in the areas highlighted by the review.

Please find the draft essay here

The January 16 Quarterly All Project Meeting will include an introductory discussion of our strategy for making improvements to BES based on the input from the Mid-Term Review conducted last October.  This essay will prepare BES members for this discussion.

Although this paper will ultimately evolve into a complete publication, the current draft should also be kept in mind through the next 18 months or so of BES strategic efforts to enhance integration.

This is serious homework.