Keeping up in BES

This year, I will focus here on activities related to the preparation of our renewal proposal for the Baltimore Ecosystem Study. We anticipate the proposal will be due in early 2010.

But there are many important and interesting things going on in BES besides our planning for the renewal.

One of them is the launch of our Education Newsletter. You can find that at http://beslter.org/frame5-page_8.html Alternatively, it appears under the “Education” menu on the main page of the BES web site.

I also encourage people to check the “What’s New at BES?” link right in the middle of the main BES web page. You’ll see a date beneath the link letting you know when it was last updated.

If you have any materials that you would like to share with the larger BES community through our website, please send them to Holly Beyar, Project Facilitator at beyarh@caryinstitute.org